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Slash small business heating bills by 20% to 30%+ with HeatingSave

Small businesses often pay more for their gas, electricity and heating oil, so it’s important for these organisations to cut heating costs and save money. The premises of small businesses are sometimes more “variable occupied”. HeatingSave Small Business automatically drops the heating when buildings are unoccupied, so all the more reason to install HeatingSave. Even if your heating bill is only £2,500 per annum you could still be looking at a payback of less than three years, and much sooner if the cost of energy goes up further.

Businesses are the obvious winners with HeatingSave. Partly because they consume more fuel than most houses, and also because the “care” not to waste fuel by employees might not be the same as if it was their own home. Compatible with most makes of natural gas, oil or LPG boilers, the automatic processing of HeatingSave maintains comfort conditions and gives you peace of mind, whilst the advanced PC software gives you full control over the costs.

The essential features of HeatingSave Small Business are:

  • Heating pattern control so the heating is not on during weekends or holidays unless the building is being used. – saving up to 15%.
  • HeatingSave’s controller “self learns” the heat-loss profile of your building so that it can switch on your heating on later if its warm and also switch off earlier if its cold. It also automatically adjusts your boiler depending on how warm it is outside – save up to another 10%.
  • Automatic occupancy detection allowing the temperature to reduce to a background when areas are not used and quickly brought up to temperature when they are being used – can save up to another 10%.
  • Gradient control of room temperatures at different times of the day.
  • Hot water priority varying boiler temperatures automatically. Automatic summer hot water decision between electricity and gas, whichever is the cheapest.
  • Night setback temperature, reducing the night heating by a few degrees to still keep 24/7 operations warm whilst saving energy and money.
  • Fuel efficient frost protection by using the residual heat within the heating system.
  • PC and mobile phone software to create a heating patterns calendar and to manage and plan energy costs.
  • HeatingSave is listed on the Energy Technology List and is applicable for the Enhanced Capital Allowance.

Excellent value for money, with the basic system costing from £1 per day. The Small Business version can be expanded to cover multiple boilers and heating zones.



What’s included?

HeatingSave Small Business comprises of:

  • HeatingSave controller
  • 4 temperature probes
  • 2 room temperature sensors
  • 1 occupancy sensor
  • HeatingSave Small Business PC software
  • Installation instructions.

Businesses that will typically benefit from HeatingSave will be Solicitors and Accountants, Retail outlets and shops, Hotels, Schools, Leisure Centres, Libraries, Civic Buildings, Warehouses, Depots, Factories, Commercial Offices, Sheltered Homes, Residential Homes and Care Homes.

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How HeatingSave Works

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Technical Specifications

In the boxSystem CapabilitiesDimensions
  • Processor Unit
  • Relay Cable
  • Link Cable
  • Keypad & Cable
  • 4x Temperature Probe Sensors
  • (6x Temperature Probe Sensors in Enterprise)
  • 1x Temperature Room Sensor
  • (2x Temperature Room Sensors in Small Business & Enterprise)
  • Security Screwdriver
  • Heating Zones 40
  • Pumps 50
  • Valves 40
  • Immersion Heaters 40
  • AirCon Units 40
  • Lights/Sounders 100
  • Solar Panels 30
  • PIRs 150
  • Sensors (Temp/Light) 100
  • Switches 150
  • Sub-Devices 20
  • Heating Patterns 100
  • Diary Entries 4,300
  • Pattern On/Off Times 1500
  • User Defined Actions 600
  • Intruder Zones 30