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Housing association wins EU energy efficiency grant

A well-known UK housing association has managed to win a substantial grant for implementing energy efficiency measures, a news report has been able to suggest. Sovereign, the sixth largest housing association in the country, has signed a £150 million deal with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support its plans to build 4,500 new homes […]

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Schools in Bath invited to join energy efficiency and saving scheme

Schools across Bath and North East Somerset have been invited to join a new energy efficiency programme created by two local community groups. Called Energy Sparks, the platform is currently recruiting primary schools with pupils who would be enthusiastic to take part in monitoring their school’s energy usage and help the school be energy efficient. […]

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How to help your office become more energy efficient

Energy efficiency in the office should be a very high priority item on the agenda for most employers, especially considering the fact that energy prices have started going up again, following a few years of relative stagnation. Light and heating are the two main energy consumers in the office environment, and both can be tackled […]

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