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Building Energy Management System

  • Reduces heating and energy bills by 20-to-30%+
  • Works on almost all types of heating and cooling systems including multiple boilers, any fuel including Biomass, ASHP and Solar PV
  • Heating pattern & heating diary control, avoiding heating/cooling areas are not used (weekends, holidays, areas of variable occupancy)
  • Heat-Loss Algorithm learns the “heat-loss profile” of each heating zone within your building to apply heating/cooling at the latest possible moment in time – later if it’s warm and earlier if it’s cold
  • Automatic occupancy detection; moving the temperature to a “background” when areas are not used and then quickly bringing back to temperature when they are occupied.
  • Room booking system to only heat/cool areas when used. Automatic calculation of heating times/temperatures to match bookings
  • Smart card door access control and intruder detection

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

The HeatingSave wireless TRV head with its integral push button mobile phone App puts users in control of their heating, minimising waste and improving comfort. Through programmable time and temperature control (many different programmes each day possible), the HS-TRV enables DIY zoning of central heating, controlling each radiator independently.

  • Mixture of wired and/or wireless radiator valves
  • Zone all offices and rooms
  • Program each room using the Heating Diary and Room Booking software
  • Control lights, security and intrusion detection

Room Booking System

The Room Booking System is a part of the Hall Energy & Security Management System (HESM) manufactured by HeatingSave. HESM is a complete turn-key system, that replaces your existing heating time clock to provide your hall or similar building with an inexpensive, all-in-one Energy Management, Room Booking and Security Access Control system. Although HESM normally uses an Internet connection for you to access its software, it is possible to use it as a stand-alone system locally using Wifi.

The room booking part of HESM allows users of halls and buildings to rent out various areas of the building and control booking logistics, quotations, deposits, collection of monies and management of accounts simply by using a Browser and the Internet.

  • Room temperatures can be set depending upon the customer’s requirements. For example, a fitness class might want 18°c whilst the toddlers play group might want 21.50°c.
  • Analysis software to view different income streams, total income and unused potential.
  • Email alerts when deposits are due and other deadlines.

Access Control Integration

HeatingSave's building energy management system can be fully integrated with a smart card access control system to improve the secuirty of your site while also saving money on heating and energy bills.

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