Thermal storage for offices

Most offices are not used in the evenings and weekends which makes then particularly suitable for the energy efficient InfraStore with its electric thermal storage and far infrared heating element technology. The fast recovery rate of this system means that it can cut energy bills whilst still maintaining your heating and hot water needs. It conforms to the latest European standards of safety and energy efficiency including the ErP (Energy-related Products) directive, a European Union directive to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2020.

Gas heating systems require annual safety checks whereas the thermal store requires none. It can be maintained by any electrician and is perfect electricity is the energy source of choice. The ability of the InfraStore to use night rate electricity to store energy during and its ability to skilfully manage exportable solar PV energy makes the InfraStore particulary suitable for offices and small commercial installations.
The room zoning ability of InfraStore using the HeatingSave control system means that each room can be programmed and zoned so that unused rooms are not unnecessarily heated.

InfraStore works on gas, oil, solid fuel and biomass too

InfraStore systems are now able to use you existing or new boilers to efficiently manage and save on your energy bills. The InfraStore has a separate heating coil to indirectly heat the InfraStore buffer and is still able to better manage exportable excess solar PV. All the standard HeatingSave features are included such as the heat-loss algorithm to efficiently use the least amount of energy to zone heating in different rooms.

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