Stonegrove Community Trust Install HeatingSave to Reach Net-Zero Carbon Goal

Onestonegrove is a building built in 2016, comprising of the community centre with a café, a children’s nursery and a place of worship: St. Peter’s Church. Gus Alston, Chief Executive of Stonegrove Community Trust in Edgware, knew that when he started his role, environmental sustainability would be at the forefront of his mind. Looking after the community centre side of Onestonegrove, which overall sees roughly 72,000 people in attendance at the premises a year, he began looking at building energy management systems in 2019.

The trust’s main aims were to reduce its carbon footprint and be net-zero carbon by the end of 2022, and Gus recalled one of the community energy companies suggesting HeatingSave to help reach these goals. “The Carbon Trust accreditation was important, it showed quality,” he said. “It was the only system that was able to do all the things it was promising to do, that could cover our whole centre.”

“Plus,” he added, “it was affordable in terms of being paid back by the savings.”

With that, a HeatingSave Building Energy Management System was installed in late 2020 which included additional PIR occupancy sensors, temperature sensors and TRVs. “The occupancy sensors allow us to do the clever bit,” Gus mentioned. “The PIRs are used to control the heating. Rooms are already set at a comfortable temperature, and when the sensors pick up occupancy, they warm the room slightly more to accommodate — whether that be when someone spontaneous visits or those working in their offices only a handful of days in the week.”

HeatingSave is a great aid for hybrid workers and, in Gus’ words, “eliminates sitting in a cold room, waiting for it to warm up.”

On using the system, Gus mentioned “I really enjoyed making up the programs. It really does help you to find errors.” He went on to tell the HeatingSave reporter that the system helped them discover one of the offices’ thermostats was not wired up or connected. Before, its occupants were using electronic radiators to stay warm (which ultimately increases costs), but now that problem has been solved.

They also discovered that Onestonegrove’s chapel had never been wired up correctly, and therefore never heated. The introduction of HeatingSave gave the chapel heating for the first time with Gus remarking “another reason I went with you is your set-up is very unobtrusive.”

“A major strength is troubleshooting,” Gus said when talking about the remote tracking and HeatingSave mobile phone app. “I’ve been able to diagnose problems and report them or get members of staff on-site to resolve” when before he would have to jump in a taxi: “It’s bought me hours back in my day!”

When asked for his final thoughts, he told the HeatingSave reporter it’s “a really clever system that’s easy to control. Our clients are happy, we have fewer complaints about the heating or that it’s cold, and we can generate a higher income.”

Stonegrove Community Trust believes HeatingSave will save 33% of their heating energy usage and 15% of their overall carbon footprint by the end of next year. Over time it will also be integrated with other building systems and technologies to bring further savings.

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