Mr. Matt Killingley, Owner

We live in a very large house so we decided to install a biomass boiler to cut the heating costs. We also needed to intelligently manage how we used the heating and that is why I looked at installing a BMS system. I needed a BMS that would use a mixture of wired and wireless controls and sensors as it was not possible to cable all parts of the house. It also had to control the biomass boiler with the ability to switch on and off the heating for specific areas of the house depending upon whether these areas were being used?. We looked at a few BMS systems apart from HeatingSave but no other system I have found at was able to deliver that type of functionality at a reasonable price.

Mr. John Christophers, BA (Hons), BArch (Hons), MAPM, RIBA, Senior Associate at Associated Architects

The HeatingSave Energy, Environmental and Management System is a wonderful solution to integrate into any building and we are looking forward to receiving the full spread of data collected during the project. It took a lot of careful design work in order to overcome the challenges posed by incorporating an energy & environmental monitoring system into the building. However, we have collaborated closely with the HeatingSave team, who have proved to be great partners and helped us achieve our goal – designing a modern, sustainable and energy efficient building.

Dr. Jones, Owner, London

Quite simply, HeatingSave automatically turns down the heating when I am not at home and turns it up on my return. It works really well for my flat.

Mr. Simon Keast, Facilities Manager, The Coplow Centre, Billesdon, Leicestershire

The HeatingSave system is very efficient and easy to operate, and it clearly saves money! I love the level of control over the Centre’s heating, hot water and solar power systems that HeatingSave can deliver. I also love the level of predictability it provides – I can rest assured that the temperature in a specific heating zone will reach the desired value just in time for the activity scheduled to take place in there. HeatingSave’s diary function allows us to cater to our customers’ needs and requirements perfectly, providing the perfect ambiance on every occasion.

HeatingSave Takes Full Control over Complex Heating System at The Coplow Centre