What are far infrared panels?

Conventional electric heating systems comprise typically storage heaters and 3kW fan heaters. They work by heating the air and allowing it naturally to circulate in the room via convection currents. As the room heats up the warm air raises and is trapped in the top third of the room which is heated first and only when the entire room is full of warm air are any benefits felt. It therefore takes longer and uses more energy; increasing the heating bill.

How do far infrared work?

Far infrared panels have a heating elements that emits far infrared energy directly into the room, heating both you and the entire fabric of the room. On contact with solid objects (i.e. people, furniture & walls) this far infrared is absorbed and transformed into radiant heat that in turn assists with the heating of the room. This means that the running time is less, less energy is used and consequently heating bills are decreased. Independent studies have shown that far infrared heating panels can use on average 40% less energy compared to that of other electric systems.

Where can I buy a far infrared system?

The use of infra red heating is not new. You often find it used in large open space warehouses and in some shed-like retail outlets. However, these systems use gas to heat a black-bulb tube to create the infrared energy. Far infrared panels used in a domestic/commercial setting do this using inexpensive electric panels that are safe and only warm if you touch them.

HeatingSave make the use of far infrared panels much more attractive as its room temperature and occupancy sensors control each panel allowing each room to be zoned. The fast recovery rate (how quickly they have an effect?) of far infrared panels means that HeatingSave efficiently uses the least amount of electricity to heat a room with far infrared panels. The heat-soak feature in the SuperGreen infraNOMIC system also allows surplus solar PV to be used to store heat in the thermal mass of the building, rather than giving it back to the energy company for just 3p per kWh.

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