Thermal storage

Infrastore is a unique electric thermal storage system that incorporates a patented far infrared heating element technology with a custom built thermal store to ensure that all your heating and hot water requirements are met with the most efficient energy use. It conforms to the latest European standards of safety and energy efficiency including the ErP (Energy-related Products) directive, a European Union directive to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2020.

The thermal store is particularly useful where the preferred energy source is electricity. This is because it provides a method of buffering energy during off-peak periods and is also very good at managing excess solar PV, preventing it from being exported and storing the surplus energy within the InfraStore. The thermal store provides the versatility of wet systems where each room can be zoned using the HeatingSave control system, thereby optimising your energy consumption.

Thermal storage – gas too

The latest InfraStore systems can also use a gas combi boiler, biomass or other type of boiler as the primary heat source. Here, a separate coil is used to indirectly heat the water whilst still keeping the InfraStore advantages of managing excess solar PV and room zoning by using the HeatingSave control system. The HeatingSave system can also better manage the combi boiler so that the whole system is as energy efficient as possible.

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