Free MTD Software

VAT-registered business

From 1st April 2019 two things will happen.

There are a lot of small businesses (SMEs) who are very worried because they do their bookkeeping on paper ledgers. Some might not understand computers much – and/or

What we will do for you

HeatingSave manufacturers retro-fit controllers to cut 20%+ off your heating costs – which has nothing to do with accounts or VAT returns. We don’t normally write accounting software, but we have got a lot of clever computer programmers.

HeatingSave is in the business of,

Why are we giving you free software?

At Tensor plc, we had to update our own in-house accounting systems to get them ready for MTD. So, we decided to make this software available to all SME’s for FREE (in these tough times). The software is dead-easy to use – we even provide the spreadsheet for you to download and fill in. Our software then pushes this up to the HMRC website and gives you a message back to say that they have it – simple!

So why are we doing this for nothing? Well, it doesn’t really cost us anything and you never know – you might look at HeatingSave to cut your rising heating and energy bills.

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