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Slash Business Heating and Energy costs by 20-50%+

  • Better control of the plant/equipment you’ve already got.
  • Heat-loss algorithms learn when to automatically turn down heating/cooling.
  • Occupancy algorithms automatically turn down heating/cooling when nobody is there.
  • Automatic control and cost reduction of multiple heating zones (rooms).
  • Simple to set up and use tamper-proof.
  • Inexpensive, British-made Building Energy Management System (“BEMS”).
  • Automatic individual control of multiple heating zones (rooms) and tools for employee energy-saving behaviour changes.
  • Saves heating costs for variably used parts of the building.

How HeatingSave works with your heating system

This schematic shows a simplified view of how a HeatingSave system would connect to a small business

Typical Small business Heatingsave setup

HeatingSave Building Management System

Key Features

Everything you expect from BMS

Everything you would expect from an expensive BMS system at a fraction of the cost; CT/VT valve control, AHU’s, HVAC, destratification fans, alarms & alerts

Works with most boilers and heating systems

Works on almost all types of heating and cooling systems including multiple boilers, any fuel including Biomass, ASHP and Solar PV

Heat Loss

Heat-Loss Algorithm learns the “heat-loss profile” of each heating zone within your building to apply heating/cooling at the latest possible moment in time – later if it’s warm and earlier if it’s cold

Heating patterns

Heating pattern & heating diary control, avoiding heating/cooling areas are not used (weekends, holidays, areas of variable occupancy)

Occupancy detection

Automatic occupancy detection; moving the temperature to a “background” when areas are not used and then quickly bringing back to temperature when they are occupied.

Room Booking

Room booking system to only heat/cool areas when used. Automatic calculation of heating times/temperatures to match bookings

Multiple sites

Multiple heating systems, in multiple sites, anywhere in the world

Replaces boiler time clock

Replaces existing BMS/time-clock/controller to cut heating and electricity bills by 20-30%+

Solar power

Solar PV management to avoid exporting excess and use in local energy stores

Smart Card Access

Smart card door access control and intruder detection


Energy & environmental monitoring, costings and bill comparisons


Self-install of install via our service teams

Don't just take our word for it ...

Forest Holidays

“[The HeatingSave Helpdesk is] Really, really, good! In the sense that they ring me if they spot an issue with a cabin. The helpdesk service is absolutely brilliant".

- Dave Coster, Construction Manager, Forest Holidays

AH Garner

"HeatingSave's Building Management System saved around 45% on our heating and gas bills”.

- Marek Lewandowski, Managing Director, AH Garner

Elouise Lingerie Logo

“I can’t understand why all shops and offices don’t use HeatingSave.”

- Mrs. Yvonne Smith, Manager, Elouise Lingerie, Buckden, Cambridgeshire

Asset Plus Energy Performance

“A professional and knowledgeable outfit that has been really beneficial to us”.

- Richard Hall, Senior Project Manager, Asset+ Energy Performance

All Saints Church

“The system itself is simple-to-use, technically advanced, effective and efficient. The company has been very supportive and fast in their responses”.

- Jon Brown, Volunteer, All Saints Church

Groombridge Village Hall

“It's proved very useful for a management system to run the hall, the heating, the access and everything else that comes with it. It’s a combined system and it’s extremely useful from a hall bookings point of view”.

- Duncan Sanders, Bookings Secretary, Groombridge Village Hall

Carver Theatre

“It was the low cost and that we could access the system remotely which is very important when you don’t live next door to the building.”

- Philip Kiernan, Volunteer, Carver Theatre

Edgware Library

“[HeatingSave's building energy management system is] a practical way of managing your heating in the 21st century.”

- Jon Killick, Manager, Edgware Library

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