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School Heating System

  • Cut energy consumption for Schools.
  • Destratification fans cut large hall heating costs.
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves for zonal heating.
  • Occupancy sensors automatically switch off the heating after evening events.
  • Programme the heating diary to term-time building use.
  • Online Room Booking for managing hall hire revenue.

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School heating

School Heating Solutions

  • Building Management System for Schools
  • Destratification Fans
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves & Occupancy Sensors
  • Heating Diary
  • Room Book System

Building Management System for Schools Better Manages Heating/Cooling

The HeatingSave Building Management System for Schools has been sold into a number of educational institutions, each one of them different but with the common theme that we cut their heating bills and gave them the tools to manage their own destiny.

HeatingSave’s Building Management System optimises a school’s energy consumption using a variety of energy-saving techniques such as zonal heating/cooling and occupancy detection that help by freeing up cash to be better spent on education.

In particular, if your school still has oil fired boilers, then installation of the HeatingSave school heating system is a blindingly obvious energy-savings measure. We are also able to arrange funding so that there are no up-front capital costs.

Ensuring classroom temperatures are maintained at an appropriate temperature for students to learn encourages productivity and increases their ability to work and stay concentrated.

Destratification Fans

School gyms, hallways, and assembly rooms often have high ceilings, and using warm air heaters means that some of the warm air will rise to the top, leading to wasted heat and higher energy costs.

Destratification fans can stop this by recirculating the hot air stuck at the top of the room back down to the floor space where it is effective.

Any school hall or gymnasium with a roof height of 4 metres is likely to suffer from hot air stratification. Stratification is hot air rising to the roof space and remaining there until it eventually cools down which has a direct, negative, impact on the cost of heating and the air quality.

Fortunately, the HeatingSave Building Management System for schools has the answer by deploying our destratification fans connected to a HeatingSave controller. Destratification fans automatically operate at a variable speed from 0 to 1,300 revolutions per minute.

Destratification fan

Did you know that our Destratification Fans have CUT heating bills by 90% in some warehouses?

Destratification fans explained

Thermostatic Radiator Valves & Occupancy Sensors

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) are available as wired or wireless devices that allow schools to heat individual classrooms and other school areas individually - getting rid of a one-system-fits-all type of school heating system.

TRVs adjust the hot water flow to the radiator in a room depending on factors such as the maximum temperature set by the user, whether movement has been detected by an occupancy sensor, or depending on school timetables which can be aligned with our room booking system.

Occupancy sensors detect if students or teachers are present in the room. If no one is present in the classroom, then the heating (or cooling) will automatically turn down a bit. After a while, if there is still nobody there then the temperature will then turn down a bit more. When movement is detected (students and teachers return to the room), it automatically restores heating (or cooling) to the required temperatures. HeatingSave’s occupancy sensors reduce wasted energy and save vast amounts of money on energy bills.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Are you looking for a TRV Adaptor capable of fitting onto your existing Drayton TRV3 Thermostatic Radiator Valves?

Order your TRV Adaptor today and start saving!

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Adaptor For Drayton TRV3

Heating Diary & Room Booking System

Our heating diary can time your heating so that it reaches optimum temperature before children arrive and cool down gradually throughout the day. The heating diary also allows whoever controls the school heating to create heating schedules that match student and teacher timetables in order to only heat classrooms, corridors, canteens, assembly rooms, and sports halls when absolutely necessary.

The HeatingSave online room booking system is a brilliant way to self-manage the use of teaching spaces and play areas not only during the school day, but also for extra curricular activities and other classes/sports events outside of school hours. The room booking system also provides an invoicing and costing service for bookings of the school facilities as well as being able to select the required temperature for the function taking place.

"A lot of schools in the area are struggle with old heating systems and higher bills. HeatingSave could certainly help them save money".

— Graham Barnes, Site Manager, Fulbridge Academy

School Heating Specialists

HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System is the perfect solution for heating a school. We have reduced both energy consumption and energy costs for many schools up and down the country over the years.

Below are some case studies of previous schools and colleges that have installed our Building Energy Management System and reduced their heating costs.

HeatingSave Helpdesk Support

HeatingSave offers customer support through the use of our Helpdesk team, who are available from 08.30am until 6pm Monday to Friday.

The Helpdesk team is on-hand to offer any help or guidance that customers may need for operating their heating system.

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Helpdesk Support
Helpdesk Support

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