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Large & Stately Homes

  • Zoning the heating is the key to lower energy bills
  • Zone every room with our Thermostatic Radiator Valves (“TRV”)
  • Heating diary matches your house usage
  • Any heating type, old or new; gas, oil, electric heaters; lighting too
  • Electricity monitoring, so you know where the spend is?
  • Control swimming pools, solar PV and security Access Control
  • Self install; use a local electrician; use us – your choice

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Energy Management for Large Homes

Zoning is the key

Large homes are big winners when installing HeatingSave. Currently, all you know is that the heating bills are enormous and the electricity bill follows close behind. You have no idea where you are using energy. It’s a black hole.

Then you install HeatingSave. Firstly, you will notice a drop in the heating costs. It will automatically, and better, run your boilers, pumps, valves and radiators. Instead heating the whole house you will zone the rooms you use the most and then use your smart phone to heat the other areas as and when they are going to be used. You might then decide to sub-meter your electricity usage so that you can narrow down exactly where and when the consumption occurs; at the same time meter the water usage too. We have had customers who only discovered that they had a permanent low level water leak once HeatingSave was installed. Low it might have been but it was also costly.

Heating diary matches your house usage

Since the HeatingSave heating diary can be managed from your smart phone or other mobile devices, you do not need the be “on-site” to manage you energy usage. The heating diary can be set months or even years in advance so that the house knows when people are at home where they will be located?


The HeatingSave software has an in-built security alert system. Where ever HeatingSave occupancy sensors are located, then they can also be used as an intruder alert system Texting/Emailing you when something happens.

Smart Home

HeatingSave will start running your home automatically. Now, you could try and do this with one of the home-phone-heating controllers seen on television from one of the energy companies or its fore runner in the USA. Frankly, they are just not up to the job. HeatingSave will do all that these limited systems can do, and a lot more.

With the advent of Smart Meters, HeatingSave will be able to obtain data from these devices. Unlike offerings from the energy giants, where if you change supplier your Smart Home system may not work, your HeatingSave system will be independent, putting you in charge.

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