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Church Heating System

  • Reduce energy consumption for Churches
  • Zonal heating of rooms/areas to reduce heating costs
  • One system that manages multiple building energy consumption
  • Room Booking System & Heating Diary for Church bookings
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) for zonal heating
  • Destratification fans slash Church energy bills by up to 90%

How does it work?

Church Heating System

Church Heating Solutions

  • Building Energy Management System
  • Destratification Fan
  • Heating Diary
  • Room Booking System
  • Heatingsave Mobile Heating App

Building Energy Management System

HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is an approved product on the Government’s Energy Technology List and is also approved by the Energy Saving Trust. Our Building Management System is the perfect solution for heating a church economically, while maintaining perfect comfort conditions and reducing heating and energy bills by 20-50%+. Not only this, but our Church Heating System is proven to reduce the carbon footprint of your church - helping you reach net zero/carbon neutral.

Also, our Church Heating Systems can be retrofitted to existing boilers, reducing the installation cost for old churches.

Our BEMS can fulfill all your requirements in one single package.

Destratification Fans

A Destratification Fan is the ideal heating solution for churches with high ceilings that often find stratification (hot air stuck at the top of the building) causing a temperature issue at ground level.

The HeatingSave Destratification Fan works by pushing the hot air stuck in the roof space down to ground level, ensuring there is no wasted energy sitting at the top of your church.

Discover everything there is to know about Destratification Fans via the button below, or watch our video explaining how Destratification Fans work for Churches.

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Destratification fan

Destratification Fans have CUT heating bills by up to 90% in many organisations!

Destratification fans explained

Heating Diary & Room Booking System

As your church hall rooms and church is sporadically used throughout the week, it is important to have a control system that is flexible to how you use buildings. HeatingSave gives you that control. There is a Room Booking System and Heating Diary to help you better manage church halls to reduce heating and energy bills.

The Heating Diary and Room Booking System are designed to not only make things easy for you, but also optimise your heating using heating patterns. The Heating Diary allows church operatives to create a heating schedule depending on when visits are booked in. Working in conjunction with your Room Booking System, users can always be sure that heating is only applied when bookings take place and the heating is turned off when your Church is not in use.

“We have regular users and the default settings to make things easy. There are also sporadic meetings with various groups — the heating diary function saves us a lot of work”.

— Ian Kirkpatrick, Church Holder, St Ninian’s Church of Scotland

HeatingSave Mobile Heating App

The HeatingSave Mobile Heating App provides you with instant access to your church heating from anywhere.

Should you possess a desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone, with a strong internet connection then using the Mobile Heating App is the perfect money-saving (and time-saving) solution for your church.

It’s downloadable on the Apple app store and the Android play store, and means you can ensure your building’s heating is at the required temperature from the comfort of your own home or when out and about with internet connection.

HeatingSave Mobile Heating App

“Now I can do anything, anywhere, any time”.

— Ian Kirkpatrick, Church Holder, St Ninian’s Church of Scotland

Church Heating Specialists

At HeatingSave, we are church heating specialists. We have saved many churches a vast amount of money on their heating and energy bills, simply by optimising the way they heat their church.

Below are some case studies of previous customers who have all benefited from our Building Management System.

HeatingSave Helpdesk Support

HeatingSave offers customer support through the use of our Helpdesk team, who are available from 08.30am until 6pm Monday to Friday.

The Helpdesk team is on-hand to offer any help or guidance that customers may need for operating their heating system.

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Helpdesk Support
Helpdesk Support

Want to know more? Get in touch today with our team of specialists to arrange a demo or to learn more.

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