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HS-TRVD-AD Adaptor For Drayton TRV3 Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Replace your 28mm TRV3 for a 30mm TRV4 with a Drayton TRV Adaptor

Drayton TRV Adaptor

About the Drayton TRV Adaptor

The HS-TRVD-AD Adaptor allows any modern M30 threaded TRV head to be used with a Drayton TRV3 valve body.

The inexpensive HS-TRVD-AD securely fits the TRV-3 whilst the broad high tensile, durable, stainless steel, pin provides a perfect mechanical transmission of the automation force through to the TRV body pin.

Specifications of the TRV Adaptor

Weight: 0.0655 kg

Dimensions: 31 × 31 × 18.5 mm

Material: Brass

Features: High tensile stainless steel pin

Compatibility: Drayton TRV3 valve bodies

Extended compatibility: All modern M30 threaded TRV heads

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