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In 2010 the scientists and engineers of HeatingSave were given the task of designing the first commercially available, off the shelf, Building Energy Management System (“BEMS”). Until then, the only way to manage the infrastructure of buildings was by using a Building Management System (“BMS”). These were custom-built to suit a particular building and were certainly not “off the shelf”. They were, in the main (and some still are), clumsy to operate and needed a qualified engineer to set them up and run them. They were also expensive and did little to manage and cost-reduce the energy used by the building. In the main, they had no IT system integrated within them. They had no method of entering utility bills which meant that costs could not be analysed with the automated real-time data from the control system; to enable the owner/user of the building to cut their energy bills. These BMS systems did not naturally manage renewable energy, although of course as each one was individually constructed from a kit of parts, it could in theory be programmed to do anything.

HeatingSave Development

It took 3 months to develop the heat-loss algorithm alone and they managed to utilize the latest electronics and firmware they had already designed for the security industry to good effect to develop the BEMS. In May 2009, HeatingSave was accredited and approved a by the Energy Saving Trust and the Carbon Trust. It was also selected by the Building Research Establishment (“BRE”) for the Greenhouse Project, which demonstrated how it was possible to make considerable energy and CO2 savings (27%) in the refurbishment of two 1960’s houses. The Greenhouse Project is likely to be an exemplar for the Government’s Green Deal in 2012.

HeatingSave Today

Today, HeatingSave is an off-the-shelf integrated web and mobile based Building Energy Management System that allows users to cut their energy bills by typically between 20% to 30%+ (see the case studies) and manage their buildings infrastructure and security from one system. HeatingSave is scalable from a one bedroom flat to a large estate of complex buildings. The system is designed, manufactured and installed by our dedicated UK-based staff, in association with Tensor plc. Our Helpdesk and Operations department are able to perennially maintain the equipment, meaning that our customers can rest-easy knowing that they have a 1st class British engineering company helping them manage their building infrastructure and energy usage.

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