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Gas Smart Meters

  • CAD “talks” to all SMETS1 & SMETS2 Smart Meters
  • Gas prices and consumption every ½ hour*
  • Electricity prices and consumption every 15 seconds*
  • Real-time boiler efficiency monitoring

What is a CAD?

This is a Consumer Access Device (“CAD”) that allows HeatingSave to get data from Smart Meters that are part of the Governments roll-out program. See https://www.gov.uk/guidance/smart-meters-how-they-work HeatingSave can receive electricity data approximately every 15 seconds for electricity and every ½ hour for gas. This is very useful data because it not only has the amount of electricity/gas being consumed but also the amount the consumer is being charged. Here, HeatingSave uses this data to cost and inform customers of their current consumption and to create warnings if your consumption/costs go above the targets that you have set.


* depends on the Smart Meter

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