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Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

  • A mixture of wired and/or wireless radiator valves
  • Zone all offices and rooms
  • Program each room using the Heating Diary and Room Booking software
  • Also can control lights, security and intrusion detection
  • Start small and grow the system as budgets become available

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Should I use wired or wireless TRVs?

Wired thermostatic radiator valves (“TRV”) are always the best and most reliable option, if that’s possible?? Each wired TRV requires a thin 2 core, bell-wire type cable to be run between the radiator and HeatingSave controller. This is often a simple retro-fit if you have false ceilings and an obvious choice for new buildings or when you refurbish a building. Wired TRVs are low voltage, requiring only 24 volts DC and they draw very little current. If you have several radiators in an office then you can wire these in parallel to one HeatingSave relay.
Remember, you can use a mixture of wired and wireless TRVs on your HeatingSave Building Management System (BMS).

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When to use wired TRVs

  • Always, if you can?
  • New buildings, building extensions or refurbishments
  • Install cables when decorating offices


  • No batteries to replace
  • Very reliable, cable will last 100 years+
  • Smoothing effect excellent for heating offices
  • Inexpensive

When to use wireless TRVs

  • Where it’s impossible to run a thin 2 core cable
  • Listed buildings or newly decorated receptions or offices


  • Control heating where it would otherwise be impossible
  • Email alerts when batteries need to be changed which means no surprises
  • No wires
  • Cheap to install but more expensive to buy
  • Low power circuitry for long battery life

HeatingSave has virtually no limit on the number of TRVs that could be installed within a building.

Where to use wired TRVs

Wired TRVs need only one relay for each radiator or group of radiators. Additional T3516 sub units can be connected to every T3520 controller adding 8 off relays, 8 off digital inputs for PIR’s or switches, 8 analogue inputs for temperature and light sensors + two connections for smart card readers for access control OR inexpensive attendance monitoring. Your whole system can be multi-site and multi-building with as many T3520 controllers as needed.

Where to use wireless TRVs

The wireless versions work on a Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network with a maximum of 64,000 connections per site. Extend the Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network throughout the building by adding T3526 range extenders.

You can install or use us

By unscrewing your existing TRV by hand you can replace it with a HeatingSave TRV head. Wired systems require the cabling to be done 1st whereas the wireless TRV’s with the Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network communicate wirelessly with the HeatingSave controller. In both circumstances you are able to retrofit HeatingSave to your current heating system.

On a click or a touch of a button, you can lower or turn off the heating to individual offices that are not being used. Planning ahead is a simple matter using Room Booking system and Heating Dairy. Use your PC or the mobile phone Ap to instantly boost the heating for a limited time, determined by you.

  • Fast payback, easy to use
  • Web based software to control all valves
  • In built memory stores the settings you have made; bookings, vacancies, etc.
  • Noiseless TRV head won’t disturb staff
  • Every 7 days TRV’s are exercised if not used to avoid seizing after summer periods
  • Compatible with most types of radiator valve bodies.

Heating Diary and Room Booking

The Room Booking and Heating Diary will let you manage each office/room in an instant controlling everything using you office PC, smart phone or mobile device. The ‘heat me now’ boost feature and ability to ‘cancel a heating period’ features are particularly usefull.

Check out Room Booking and Heating Diary in the software section to see how easy it is to use.

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