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Hotels, Pubs & Restaurants

  • Zone seldomly used rooms to cut energy bills
  • Heating diary and Room Booking matches and customer occupancy
  • Use our Thermostatic Radiator Valves (“TRV”) to match occupancy
  • Works on old heating systems of almost any type
  • Manage a number of sites from a single PC
  • Daily energy usage reports for each unit, with CO2 figures

How does it work?

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Where are hotels, pubs and restaurants wasting energy?

The problem at present is that you don’t know how/where the energy spend it taking place. The HeatingSave Building Energy Management System (BEMS) records this for each minute, 24/7. If you have a few outlets, then this task becomes even more difficult. Energy costs are only going one way – upwards – so now is a good time to install HeatingSave!

HeatingSave will give you the data to enable you to mange costs, even if your energy spend is only just under a couple of thousand a year.

Door access control and staff attendance

Adding a Smart Card access reader to your HeatingSave system will give you a very basic and simple staff attendance monitoring system. We don’t claim it’s a full Time & Attendance system (we do manufacture these – see www.tensor.co.uk), but it’s at least a start to know who is arriving/leaving and when?

Room radiator heating

Small hotels particularly benefit from HeatingSave when using our wired or wireless TRV’s. The HeatingSave Building Energy Management System (BEMS) for Hotels, Pubs & Restaurants will manage each room temperature from your central Room Booking system together with a customer “I’m too hot” or “I’m too cold” control in each room.

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