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The Old School Community Centre looks forward to cutting bills with HeatingSave this winter

The Old School Community Centre

The Old School Community Centre is an old Victorian school building in Long Melford, Sudbury. The centre hosts a variety of activities from yoga classes, dance classes and educational classes. It is incredibly popular amongst the local community with markets and antique fairs as well.

The community centre has been a HeatingSave customer since April, approaching us because they needed a booking system that could control and monitor the new infrared heating system that had replaced the old gas heaters. Committee Member at The Old School Community Centre, Graham Eade, wanted to control the heating times and temperatures remotely and he turned to HeatingSave.

“We looked around, saw HeatingSave and received a demo on site as well as online from the HeatingSave Help Desk.It absolutely suited our needs.” said Graham.

The community centre has four individual rooms which use the HeatingSave calendar system. This was customised and colour coded for the community centre to monitor the temperature more effectively. “Thanks to HeatingSave, we now know exactly what is happening within each room. remarked Graham.

Graham added, “we have also just recently installed current transformers, enabling us to monitor the heating cost per room as well.

We asked Graham if he completed the installation himself, he replied, “yes, I did the installation on site myself with the help of the HeatingSave Help Desk to aid me in setting up the software.”

Graham described the system as easy to manage with “really good” technical support. He believes that when the time comes to train others on the system, they will also find it easy to use.

When on the topic of HeatingSave features, Graham clarified that his favourite feature was the room booking system which really made HeatingSave stand out from other systems. “The calendar is laid out well and allows you to view room availability, book space and invoice customers. Monitoring of electricity consumption for each room provides us with accurate usage costs” he said.

“Before HeatingSave, guests could adjust the heating in rooms, mess around with the settings and they would also leave the heating on. Now, nobody can tamper with it anymore. If someone asks me to reset the temperature, I can do this instantly.” Also different room temperatures can be set depending on the level of physical activity from the various classes” he added, saying that he has no problems with HeatingSave as if he needs help they usually get back to him within the same day.

As winter approaches, Graham says he is ready to combat costs with HeatingSave, “with the analytics provided, this will help us understand if we are charging the correct amount for classes and overall help us to better manage our money. It will be brilliant using it throughout the year allowing us to reflect on our actual usage” he said.

The building has now has new insulation, new infrared heaters, new electricity monitoring and now a HeatingSave system to control all of it effectively and efficiently.

Summing HeatingSave up in a few words Graham concluded, “It’s an all-round system for us, we can control the bookings, the heating and monitor how much it is actually costing us. It is great that we have absolute control of the cost”

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