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100,000 small businesses at risk as energy bills rise

Energy bills threaten businesses

Parent company of British Gas, Centrica have recently announced profits despite financial difficulties faced by businesses. Many small businesses have reported feeling pushed into multi-year energy contracts impacting overall expenses on top of escalating energy bills.

This has caused concern and struggle as 100,000 small businesses in the UK could face closure, resulting in job losses and local economic disruption. Some businesses are tied into such contracts that they are unable to switch to cheaper tariffs.

A solution that could benefit small businesses to cut their energy bills by 25% to 50%, is a company called HeatingSave.

HeatingSave have invented a computerised AI heating management system, approved by the Government on its Energy Technology list, helps to cut gas consumption by better managing the heating plant and equipment that venues already have.

Many businesses have already slashed their energy bills with HeatingSave, with some saving up to 45%.

To find out more about HeatingSave and to see how it has already helped businesses to lower their bills, click on https://www.heatingsave.co.uk/.

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