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A HeatingSave system can cut business costs by 30%

Businesses have been recently feeling the pinch during the worst recession since 1945. If your company is struggling, then installing a HeatingSave system in order to cut costs could offset any fall in profits. By making your central heating set-up more efficient you could save £1000s per year.

This is even more important for a small business employing a few people and having fewer economies of scale. You may be based in some older offices that have radiators and a basic gas or oil fired central heating system. Say your heating bill is £5,000: if you put in a new condensing type boiler this will improve your fuel usage by 10%, saving £500 per annum. The cost of putting in the new boiler is £1,500 for the boiler and another £500 for it to be fitted. The total cost is £2,000, which means it will take about four years to get your money back.

Most businesses do not work on Saturdays or Sundays, but most traditional heating time clocks cannot adjust for this. By adding a HeatingSave system at a cost of around £820, your savings could be 30% because HeatingSave’s computer constantly adjusts its internal algorithm to maximise your boiler efficiency and savings. Its state-of-the-art microprocessor is connected to a number of temperature sensors measuring the external outside temperature, room, hot water tank and heating flow and return temperatures.

Hence for an outlay of £850 you save £1,500 on an annual fuel bill of £5,000, a payback of just over six and a half months. What a difference that makes to the bottom line.

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