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Building energy management technology automatically controls solar water heating set up

The solar industry is disputing claims on the comparative cost of solar and nuclear power. A report from the recent parliamentary Climate Change Committee backed new nuclear as the cheapest option for the green power the UK needs to hit its carbon-reduction targets. Solar firms disagree, claiming that solar costs should be compared with retail prices, due to the scale of the technology. The industry has taken its fight over plans to slash the feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme to the House of Lords.

Built into HeatingSave’s building energy management technology is the ability to control solar panels (flat panels or the more efficient glass evacuated tube type) and use these to heat or pre-heat hot water cylinders. Multiple configurations of panels ranging from those in a southerly position to east/west configurations can be managed by HeatingSave. Unlike simple solar panel controllers, HeatingSave provides automatic control of the resulting hot water by directing it to either the hot taps or as pre-heated water into a secondary cylinder.

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