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Computer system reviews energy expenditure for each day to keep heating costs down

Chris Huhne has urged consumers to switch energy suppliers as a method of gaining the cheapest available deal. The energy secretary said people also have to check that they are on the cheapest tariff and whether they could save money by paying by direct debit. Mr Huhne was talking after a summit with the six biggest power firms. British Gas, the UK’s biggest domestic energy supplier, remarked: “It is an inconvenient truth that unit prices of energy are going to go up.”

Energy prices are going up but you can keep your heating costs down through the HeatingSave complete building energy management system. The HeatingSave controller records the reading of each temperature sensor every minute and counts the total on-time for every boiler, immersion, valve, pump, air conditioning unit and light. It also calculates the amount of energy used and the cost for each day so that you can review energy expenditure as it happens, instead of months later when the fuel bill hits the doormat.

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