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Computerised boiler system fights high prices fuelled by Libya crisis

Oil prices have hit a two-and-a-half-year high following protests against Libya’s ruling elite, led by Muammar Gaddafi. Amid the chaos oil companies have evacuated staff from their offices, and the situation has had a knock-on effect on prices. Brent crude rose by as much as $2.70, to $105.28 a barrel on Monday (February 24), the highest since September 2008. Libya’s oil exports, mostly high quality crude, are mainly bound for Europe, so prices in the medium term will remain high in the UK.

Customers worried about rising fossil fuel prices and their effect on heating bills should invest as soon as possible in a HeatingSave computerised heating controller, which replaces out-of-date time clock technology. It even works on oil-fired central heating systems. The longer it has been installed, the more it saves as the HeatingSave microprocessor continually refines its mathematical thermal algorithm of your property. HeatingSave’s PC software creates a powerful building energy management system (BEMS) and shows you how much your heating is costing.

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