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Connect HeatingSave system to solar collector for complete energy saving regime

Rachel Eden, councillor for Whitley, said installing solar panels would be a good investment for residents and businesses. Ms Eden said the technology would enable those in the Reading area to benefit from renewable energy sources. She said: “Going for this scheme is ‘win-win’ for the council, as it will provide energy security as well as reducing the council’s impact on the environment,” adding: “In the borough’s schools it will also provide a real educational benefit as students learn about the engineering involved, the weather and the environment.”

HeatingSave’s computer-controlled Building Energy Management System (BEMS) can be integrated with a building’s solar water heating set-up to provide an unbeatable complete energy and money saving regime. The PC-enabled BEMS can calculate how to get the best from your solar Collector. Also, the circulation system from time to time has to stop the glycol fluid (the water and antifreeze heat transfer fluid) from becoming super-heated when demand is low and solar radiation is high. In the case of the BEMS, up to four heat dump zones are provided to lose excess heat.

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