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Energy Roadshows can help raise awareness on energy saving measures

Roadshows can help raise awareness on the very important issue of energy efficiency, and this is exactly the outcome of such an event that has recently taken place in Wooler, Northumberland, according to a report in the local media.

Listening to representatives of Warm up North, National Energy Action and Community Action Northumberland (CAN), locals learned about a wide range of energy and money-saving initiatives, as well as renewable heating alternatives at the event.

Tom Bell, head of social strategy at Northern Gas Networks, said: “We’re delighted that the Energy Roadshows have been such a success.

“Raising awareness about the simple ways that people can save energy and money on their fuel bills is really important to us and we’re really pleased to be able to support such a fantastic initiative.”

Manage and slash your energy bills with HeatingSave

Our Energy Monitor (product code T3518) lets you see in real-time how much electricity you are using to enable you to take immediate action and turn off equipment that has been unnecessarily left on. It also displays the cost of the energy you are consuming, for today and previous days, together with the amount of CO2 you have produced on those days; all on a very easy to use monitor screen. This helps you always keep up-to-date and stay on top of what’s going on, where you are using the most energy and how much it is costing you.

The beauty of the T3518 is that it allows customer’s to visualise their own energy consumption. In a community of people it can also be used to simultaneously give knowledge of how the rest of the community is conserving energy, so that individuals have a target to aim for. By visualising the energy consumption of the group, the individual gets important information to make it easier for them to take energy saving actions and change their attitude and behavior towards energy saving.

The T3518 can also be used to monitor and produce alarm events for water consumption and sub-metering of electricity on larger estates.

Not only is the energy consumption displayed on the T3518 display, but it is also viewable via an iPhone or Smart Phone. Alert and warning messages also uses this route to advise you of equipment breakdowns, security alerts and when energy/water consumption has exceeded expected levels. The Energy & Alert Monitoring filters important information to those who need to know.

The Energy & Alert Monitoring system has a special module for monitoring and accounting the electricity generated and the cash earned from Solar PV systems. Here, the Feed in Tariff (Fit) payments are calculated and the PV systems monitored should they be producing less electricity than expected. This maybe because they are dirty, faulty or that there is a bad connection.

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