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Business Matters, the UK’s biggest business magazine for entrepreneurs and SMEs, recently posted an article giving tips on how to save money on your electricity bill.

Are you on the best deal?

Their first tip is to make sure that your deal with your current supplier is the best you can get in terms of value for money. It may not be, especially since many companies offer amazing deals for new switchers.

If you have stayed with the same supplier for years, out of inertia or expecting loyalty to be rewarded, then it is time for you to look around at other options.

Turn off the lights!

Their second tip is to make sure that your electricity consumption is as low as it can be. A good way to start this mindset is to make sure that you only turn on what you need to use.

Don’t leave monitors or room lights on overnight, for example, and make sure that appliances are turned off when not in use and not left plugged in simply because it is more convenient.

Exactly what are you spending?

Their third tip is to get a smart meter installed, in order to make your exact energy usage clearly visible to all.

We have a different way of displaying that information (see below) but certainly the principle of getting employees involved by showing them exactly what everything is costing is a good one.

Change the bulbs

Their fourth tip is to change your office light bulbs. Energy-saving light bulbs last longer than normal bulbs and use less electricity.

Of course, you should also be minimising how much you turn the lights on at all (see above) and making sure that you make use of windows and skylights.

Invest in renewable energy

Their fifth tip is to suggest that you look into purchasing solar panels, if you are permitted to alter the building that you work from. These are sources of renewable energy, and generally have low maintenance costs.

Leaky buildings

Their sixth tip is to make sure that your building maintenance is up to scratch. Shoddy insulation, gaps around windows and leaky pipework could be causing a lot of energy wastage, and fixing these sorts of problems will save you money.

Do your bills reflect your usage?

Their seventh tip is going over the point discussed above, that it is important to make sure that you are getting the best deal around for your actual, measurable energy usage.

HeatingSave Building Management System BMS software –advanced controls and analytics features

HeatingSave can help you save money on your electricity bill. Our advanced Building Energy Management System not only tells you exactly how much electricity you are using, but can also work out whether you are using more energy than you need to heat your premises.

It does this thanks to its sophisticated algorithm and its sensors, working in tandem with a room diary, which ensure that only rooms which are in use receive heating and that the heating is switched on at the latest possible point to achieve your target temperature.

The system also incorporates a complete Smart Card-based Security Access Control System and provides support for smoke and fire alarms, a built in intruder alert system and the capacity to integrate seamlessly with existing Room Booking systems.

If you’d like to find out more about the HESM system from HeatingSave, please contact us or Book a Demo and our experts will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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