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Energy security and costs are top priority for businesses and households in the West Country

Energy security and cost of bills are among the top priorities on energy for households and businesses in the West Country, a recent market survey by the CBI, the UK’s largest business group, was able to reveal.

The poll of 200 households and 144 business leaders in the South West region found that 66 per cent of businesses believe the cost of bills is very important, with the percentages being significantly higher in the domestic segment – 75 per cent of households in the region say keeping energy bills affordable is very important, and 66 per cent of households rate energy security as very important.

The research also found that, while businesses and the public understand the energy challenges faced, there is less clarity about how these relate to the bills everybody pays, with close to 56 per cent of domestic users in the region believing that energy company profits are the main reason for energy price rises.

Additionally, 39 per cent of households identified wholesale costs as a key driver of energy price rises, while 50 per cent of businesses also cited wholesale costs as a key reason for price rises.

A further 34 per cent of South West households cited energy efficiency measures as a solution, while 31 per cent of consumers pointed to changing their behaviour to reduce their energy consumption – a clear acceptance of the need for everyone to play a more proactive role in managing bills.

The HeatingSave systems manages to tick both set of measures cited above. Not only does it help users run their heating systems in an optimized, efficient manner, but it also helps householders and employers carry out behavioural analysis and implement the best possible approaches to reduce overall spending.

By using data coming from a variety of sources (boiler flow and return sensors, internal and external temperature sensors, occupancy sensors, humidity sensors, etc.), HeatingSave optimizes a building’s boiler-based central heating system and helps customers save anywhere between 20 and 30%+ on their bills.

HeatingSave is also approved to work and save fuel within the Energy Technology List, which is managed by the Carbon Trust on behalf of the Government. It is also approved by the Department of Energy & Climate Change and the Energy Savings Trust and was specified by the Building Research Establishment for the energy efficient homes retro-fit program, called The Greenhouse Project.

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