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Gas users facing rising prices can install heating control password protection to stop wasting fuel

The company that owns British Gas has warned that customers may face higher energy bills. Centrica said “end-user prices” did not reflect the price it was paying for gas on the wholesale market. The firm said in a statement: “In the UK, the forward wholesale prices of gas and power for delivery in winter 2011/12 are currently around 25% higher than prices last winter, with end-user prices yet to reflect this higher wholesale market price environment.”

Gas users facing rising prices can install HeatingSave’s building energy management system which gets the temperature right as well as using its heat loss algorithm to do this in the most efficient manner and save up to a third off bills. The savings multiply for heavy users of gas. For example, in some organisations employees adjust the heating controls and waste fuel by turning it on full instead of making a small adjustment. The HeatingSave controller is tamperproof with password protection to the settings and a separate password for the supervisor function.

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