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The Government has launched a new initiative called ‘UK Business Climate Hub’ on the 14th of August, aimed at small and medium sized businesses. This new hub will help businesses to reduce their energy bills, cut carbon emissions and provide access to new advice.

The Hub offers detailed advice from sourcing products from green suppliers and reducing emissions from freight and logistics to cost effective ways to install solar panels and electric vehicle charging ports.

The hub will provide small businesses with advice on everything from paying less for EVs, getting a low-carbon heat pump, to generating green energy and selling it back to the grid to make money.

An added solution to help reduce energy bills this winter whilst going green is HeatingSave, a building management system produced by the British manufacturing company Tensor plc. HeatingSave can save businesses 25% to 50% on energy bills.

Their building energy management system, approved by the Government on its Energy Technology list, cuts gas, oil and electricity consumption by better managing the heating plant and equipment that SME’s already have.

To find out more about HeatingSave and how it can cut your energy bills, click on https://www.heatingsave.co.uk/.

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