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HeatingSave could be the solution for businesses struggling with the energy price cap

Energy price cap

Dillion Smith at CPS (Centre for Policy Studies) released a report stating that the Energy Price Cap (EPC) has gone beyond its intended purpose and is now leading to higher prices for consumers and higher inflation. As a result of this, it is actually freezing competitors and preventing businesses from getting cheaper deals.

This has caused a significant rise in prices which has ultimately contributed towards inflation, meaning businesses are not only struggling from high energy bills they are also struggling with price inflation as well. This has put a mountain of stress on businesses.

A solution that could help businesses save 25% to 50% on energy bills during this unprecedented period is a company called HeatingSave.

They have invented a computerised AI heating management system, approved by the Government on its Energy Technology list. HeatingSave’s solution is to cut gas or oil consumption by better managing the heating plant and equipment that businesses already have.

To find out more about HeatingSave and how it can cut your energy bills, click on https://www.heatingsave.co.uk/.

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