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HeatingSave – saving your business money over the Easter bank holiday

The Easter bank holiday is only a couple of weeks away, and since weather forecasts for the end of March are not particularly positive, it’s likely that most thermostats across office buildings in the UK will remain set at a fairly high temperature.

Obviously, this will translate into increased energy costs, especially since we’re talking about quite a few days away from the office for most employees, who, unfortunately, usually forget to switch off or re-adjust the thermostats before going on holiday.

However, HeatingSave can help you start saving money on your bills, not just during the Easter bank holiday, but throughout the whole year.

One of the most important features that sets apart HeatingSave from any other building energy management systems out there is its capability to adjust a specific room’s temperature requirements over 1,000 times a day, enabling customers to set specific usage patterns that also take into account every single change in the occupancy status (holidays, weekends, etc.).

In this way, the energy manager will have complete control over the heating settings in each specific zone, adjusting them based on their projected usage. These optimization processes will not only ensure an optimum working temperature for the employees within a specific building, but they will also enable some serious savings, between 10% and 30%+.

If you’re appraising your building’s energy efficiency and you believe that it’s about time to take some serious steps towards lowering your energy bills, then get in touch now, and we’ll also offer you a Free Energy Survey, so you’ll know exactly what needs to be improved in order to optimize your energy costs.

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