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HeatingSave School Promo – make your budget go further, slash 20% of your heating bills

Over the past couple of years, energy bills have really sky-rocketed, becoming a real burden on the schools’ and other educational institutions’ yearly budgets.

Given our close relationship with the educational segment, we, here at HeatingSave, are well aware of the difficult times ahead, as well as just how difficult is for head masters and school governors to create a very balanced budget.

For this reason, we’ve decided to start a new promo offering for our HeatingSave School energy management system, that’s been designed specifically to help schools optimize their energy consumption, thus reducing their heating bills by a minimum of 20%.

So, starting on Monday, the 10’th of June, schools and educational institutions will be able to get the HeatingSave School system for the introductory price of just 1,495 pounds. The promotion will be valid until the 31’st of August, 2013.

The package included in this promotional offer includes the HeatingSave School Controller with preloaded software, flow and return temperature sensors, outside temperature sensor and two room thermostats.

HeatingSave Schools employs a multitude of features (heating pattern control, self-learning heating loss profile, gradient room temperature control, hot water priority, night setback temperature, etc.), in order to enable fuel bill savings of anywhere between 20 to 30%+. Moreover, HeatingSave is listed on the Energy Technology List and is applicable for the Enhanced Capital Allowance. Plus, it’s also available via the government’s GreenDeal programme, which means that costs for installing the system can be spread on a longer period of time, thus affecting the yearly budgets to an even lower extent.

In order to access the promotion, please contact our dedicated product team, either via phone or our customer contact form, and quote the promotion code HSVSCHOOL2013-WEB. We will be more than happy to offer you any additional information and answer your queries as quickly as possible.

Also, if you’d like to find out more about the successful HeatingSave installations, we invite you to check out our range of case studies – we’re already in schools, saving them money as we speak.

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