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HeatingSave to help businesses avert the negative effects of carbon price floor tax

A new tax on the emissions of power companies, called the carbon price floor, is set to hit the largest energy consumers quite hard, translating into increased electricity prices over the next couple of years.

By imposing this new tax, the UK Government hopes to convince firms to produce electricity from green sources, such as wind farms, rather than high-carbon fossil fuels. The tax will raise £4.42billion for the Exchequer over three years, but in the same time it will push up the price of wholesale electricity by around 17 per cent, directly affecting end customers.

If you’re worried that this new tax is going to negatively affect your business and you’re looking for a way to avert its effects, then HeatingSave is just the solution to end all your troubles.

One of the main selling points the HeatingSave building energy management system has in store is represented by its automatic processing feature, enabling the building residents to enjoy very good comfort conditions, while in the same time cutting costs.

In fact, by thoroughly managing the HeatingSave system depending on the building’s various heating zones, occupancy and planned use, one can attain some very impressive savings on their energy bills, of up to 30+%.

If you rely just on electricity for heating, HeatingSave has you covered as well. Our FairUsage solution uses the same high-end automatic processing technology for tweaking electricity consumption, enabling further bill cuts.

If you’ve decided that it’s about time to finally start saving money on your energy bills, just get in touch, our dedicated product team is looking forward to answer any question you might have.

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