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A church official has spoken of the problems encountered heating a cathedral. Canon Tim Pullen said Coventry Cathedral, which was constructed in the 1950s, was “notoriously difficult to heat” due to lack of insulation and its huge floor space. He also commented: “Obviously energy bills are going up and like everyone else we’re subject to the vagaries of the market so we’re hoping this is going to give us a more consistent and lower cost basis to heating.”

HeatingSavehas two corporate versions of its IT based Building Energy Management System for lowering heating bills. Small Business is fantastic for shops, stores, restaurants, care homes, healthcare and small schools. It can be expanded to support multiple locations and can be bought direct from us for £1 per day. HeatingSave Enterprise allows full building control including lights and plant, while the fully installed systems cost from just £2 per day. Enterprise suits public sector organisations, colleges and academies, factories and larger industrial or retail outlets.

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