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Meet your carbon emissions savings target with energy controller

Britain is not on course to meet its climate change targets for reducing carbon emissions, the Government was warned by the independent Committee on Climate Change. The Government needs to reduce carbon dioxide by 34 per cent (on 1990 levels) by 2020. However in its second progress report to Parliament, the committee said the sharp fall in UK greenhouse gas emissions of 8.6 per cent last year is almost entirely due to the recession, and that the proportion of the drop due to actual climate policies is but “a fraction” of the total.

You can help the Government meets its targets by replacing your central heating clock with a HeatingSave building energy controller, which is the quickest way of saving up to a quarter on your CO2 emissions and energy costs. Its internal microprocessor constantly calculates, improves and adjusts the efficiency and carbon savings of your central heating system. It is ideal for businesses to use inexpensive occupancy sensors and the heating diary to heat (or cool) only when employees are there – hence no wasted fuel on holidays, bank holidays and shut-downs.

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