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Microprocessor automatically drops the gas heating when buildings are unoccupied

A minister stated that fracking is not the answer to a UK energy crisis. Fracking involves the blasting of water, chemicals and sand at high velocity into a shaft to crack rock and release gas. Lib Dem Energy Minister Ed Davey disagrees with his Conservative colleagues, saying: “The right wing of the Tory party are trying to make out shale gas is the answer but I’m afraid the evidence does not bear it out.”

It is feasible to slash gas heating bills by 20% to 30%-plus with HeatingSave’s microprocessor controlled boiler and central heating set-up. Small businesses often pay more for their gas, so it’s important for these organisations to cut heating costs and save money. The premises of small businesses are sometimes more ‘variable occupied’. The HeatingSave Small Business System automatically drops the heating when buildings are unoccupied. Even if your heating bill is only £2,500 per annum you could still be looking at a payback of fewer than three years.

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