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Multi-sited factories cut down CO2 by 30 per cent via intelligent controller

Chinese officials confirmed that excessive industrial pollution has caused factories to shut down this week in the capital. The state news agency Xinhua reported officials held a crisis meeting today (January 29, 2013) to discuss “emergency work” and said 103 polluting plants have been ordered to close until Thursday at the earliest. The latest measures came after Beijing’s pollution reached its highest recorded levels for the second time in as many weeks.

Responsible companies want to limit their harmful emissions, right? Well, HeatingSavecuts down on CO2 by 20 to 30 per cent or more by making your industrial facility’s boiler and central heating system more efficient. Organisations that will typically benefit from HeatingSave Enterprise will be multi-sited private and public sector facilities including the MOD, warehouses, depots, factories, and high rise office blocks. HeatingSave Enterprise consists of: a HeatingSave multi-boiler Intelligent Controller, six temperature probes, two room temperature sensors, two occupancy sensors, HeatingSave Enterprise PC software and installation instructions.

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