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Small businesses slash fuel bills by automatically dropping heating when buildings are unoccupied

Some chains heat their outlets to a sultry 24c when stores do not need to be any hotter than 20c for customers to be comfortable. The shops survey was compiled by Make it Cheaper, the business price comparison service. Their managing director Jonathan Elliott said: “Hot shops can be pretty annoying when you’re dressed up for the Arctic, but it makes no sense when retailers are burning a hole in their pockets as well as the ozone layer.”

Warehouses, shops, offices and other small businesses often pay more for their gas, electricity and heating oil, so it is important for these organisations to cut heating costs and save money. Their premises are sometimes more ‘variable occupied’. The HeatingSave Small Business System can slash business heating bills by as much as 30% and automatically drops the heating when buildings are unoccupied. Its heating pattern control feature means the heating is not on during weekends or holidays unless the building is being used – saving up to 15% on its own.

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