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Smaller businesses can save thousands off fuel bills using microprocessor controlled heating

Small and medium-sized businesses are finding it more difficult to become more energy efficient, according to one expert. Smaller businesses have less funding to siphon off resources for green measures, says Professor Ross King, joint programme director at the Centre for Sustainable Environmental Management-Brunel Management Programme. She said that on the other hand, larger firms often have a dedicated environmental manager to carry out carbon reduction plans.

Small and medium-sized businesses can save thousands off their fuel bills using HeatingSave’s state of the art Small Business microprocessor-controlled heating system. In almost all businesses the hot water immersion heater is timed to come on and off at certain times of the day. With HeatingSave, the immersion’s demand is matched by the “heat profile algorithm” to use the least amount of energy – this time saving money on the electricity bill. Complete control over the hot water temperature also allows you to include a hot water “boost” to combat legionella – again, this will happen completely automatically and saves money at the same time.

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