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Standard heating pattern can be entered for each day to slash energy bills

A new poll has revealed consumers trust modern smart meters offered by mobile phone and tech firms far more than those from energy firms. According to those surveyed, power and utility companies are seen as a having an “impersonal and transactional” relationship with their customers. Many questioned the motives of energy firms’ involvement in the rollouts and failed to understand why power companies would want to provide them with tools to reduce their energy bills.

Consumers can place their trust in HeatingSave, a computer-run system where it is possible to control any building and any boiler and reap up to 30% off energy bills. Each heating zone within HeatingSave has a heating diary and a default heating pattern for each day of the week. A standard pattern can be entered for each day and exceptions only created as they occur. This is a simple thing to do either using the 16 character by 4 line backlit, large character LCD keyboard on the controller or at a PC.

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