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The EU launches €6.4m (£4.48m) project to bolster energy efficiency in buildings

The EU has launched a new project worth €6.4 million (£4.48m) aimed at improving green building technologies and helping in the reduction of carbon emissions, a recent news report has been able to reveal.

The The Built to Specifications (Built2Spec) programme will use new technologies to improve the design, installation and testing of building standards and retrofitting. The scheme is expected to help the EU meet its carbon targets by 2050 and tackle fuel poverty and has set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% in the next 35 years.

The four-year project will use the latest developments in mobile and cloud technology, including smartphones and hand-held scanners to ensure buildings are delivering carbon savings.

A total of 20 European and UK partners including BSRIA, VRM Technology, Lakehouse and the University of Nottingham are part of the project.

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