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‘Think before you fix’ warns Ofgem

Energy bills

YourMoney.com reported that the regulator of Ofgem tweeted last week, “think before you fix“, Fixed-rate energy tariffs have seen a return to the market but check if they are right for you. “Prices are still unpredictable and signing up for a fixed rate now might mean you miss out if prices fall in the future.”

Ofgem are set to make their next announcement on the energy price cap on the Friday the 25th of August which will apply from October 1st to December 31.st

Many businesses are struggling with extremely high energy tariffs but there could be a solution to help businesses save 25% to 50% on energy bills.

A company called HeatingSave have invented a computerised heating management system that is OfGem CERT approved and approved by the British Government on its Energy Technology list. HeatingSave helps to cut gas consumption by using artificial intelligence based algorithms that self-learn the way in which rooms within buildings loose heat (or in hot countries with air-con gain heat) to better manage boilers, air conditioning and heating/cooling plant & equipment. “The savings are in some cases greater than 50%”, said Nigel Smith, Managing Director of HeatingSave, “it better uses the equipment businesses and organisations already have without replacing boilers, which are expensive”, he added.

Many businesses have already slashed their energy bills with HeatingSave, with some great savings. Now is the time to act whilst the warmer weather is still here.

To find out more about HeatingSave and to see how it has already helped businesses to lower their bills, click on https://www.heatingsave.co.uk/.

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