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Touch screen monitor shows how much energy is being used at the office

Bill Clinton has spoken of the need to make existing buildings more energy-efficient. The former American President said progress on political mindsets has been made in the last 15 years: “At that moment the prevailing opinion in America was that no country could stay rich or get wealthy if they did not put more greenhouse gases into the air.” He added: “There are still some people in America who believe that, but most don’t.”

Your business can accurately see how much energy is currently being used and can cut emissions at the office by about one-third thanks to HeatingSave. Our Energy Monitor connects to a HeatingSave fuel bill and emission-reducing energy management system to give you the ability to view your current energy usage. Additionally, it show the amount of carbon dioxide associated with this energy usage, all on a very easy to use monitor touch screen. Attractive design presents the data in a smart manner using metering graphs and modern graphics.

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