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Aberdeen Homeowner Installs HeatingSave BEMS to Improve Energy Efficiency

HeatingSave Aberdeen

A large traditionally built 6-bedroom granite townhouse, situated in Aberdeen, built in 1897 and now owned by Mr. Lawson, has installed a HeatingSave Building Energy Management System.

“After we started renovating the property, that was when I started researching heating systems and came across HeatingSave”, Mr. Lawson told the HeatingSave reporter.

The house is a single-glazed, listed building, with minimal insulation. Additionally, the front of the house is north facing and the rear of the house is south facing with large windows, which meant the homeowners were coming across temperature issues within the house. “We needed a combination of heating each room individually as well as not continuously heating the rooms and only heating them when we needed them”, Mr. Lawson said.

He added, “At the time, I didn’t find any other system that would be suitable for a domestic application. I looked only at HeatingSave as there was nothing else that was comparable. We were also on a limited budget for renovating the house and HeatingSave was willing to sell me their system and give me instructions on how to install and use the system, which was very beneficial”.

When asked if he has ever had to call the HeatingSave Helpdesk, Mr. Lawson replied, “Yes, they are extremely helpful. The Helpdesk is very knowledgeable about the system and are always prompt in their responses on any questions I’ve had”. He added, “Unlike a usual Helpdesk where you have to go through standard questions, the HeatingSave Helpdesk understands each customer’s situation individually”.

Mr. Lawson told the HeatingSave reporter that he is currently in the process of extending his HeatingSave Building Energy Management System. He said, “I’ve ordered some additional Zigbee wireless switches to assist with controlling our outside lights and water feature”.

When asked what he likes most about the HeatingSave BEMS, Mr. Lawson replied, “The adaptability and flexibility of it. It was initially intended as a heating system but as I’ve learnt more about the system I’ve realised it can do a whole lot more”.

Would he recommend HeatingSave to other homeowners and organisations looking to install a Building Energy Management System? “In terms of functionality and flexibility, yes I would be happy to recommend HeatingSave. However, I self-installed the system so my situation is slightly different to most”.

When asked to sum HeatingSave up in a few words, Mr. Lawson remarked, “The system isn’t in your face and it just quietly gets on with what it’s supposed to do”.

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