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HeatingSave Reduce Energy Costs by 45% for AH Garner

AH Garner

AH Garner is a UK-based hydraulic cylinder manufacturer that supplies for numerous industries such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, materials handling, waste processing, powered access, transport, and many others.

With over 30 employees working at sites totaling 30,000 sq ft across the main factory site and two other leased units in the local area, AH Garner began looking for ways to reduce its heating and energy bills which then led them to HeatingSave.

“We wanted to save money on our heating and energy bills, and also to reduce our carbon footprint”, said Marek Lewandowski, Managing Director at AH Garner to the HeatingSave reporter.

“We narrowed our search down to two companies and we chose HeatingSave because of its wireless capability”. He added,“The company, offering the wired heating system, came with a cost premium due to all of the cabling that was involved – so HeatingSave came in significantly cheaper, and offered a much quicker and simpler installation”.

Were there any issues with the installation of the building management system (BMS)? Mr. Lewandowski said, “I think our site was originally under-specified in terms of how much equipment we required for such a large site, but the HeatingSave team came back out and installed the extra equipment we needed at no extra cost; which was brilliant”.

We asked if Mr. Lewandowski had received training on how to use and operate the HeatingSave BMS, he replied, “Yes. We received on-site training during the installation process. The training was good, it allowed us to quickly grasp the basics of how to use the heating system and the trainers even helped us set up the heating patterns and heating zones”, he added".

Has the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System saved AH Garner money on their energy bills? “Yes it has!”, said Mr. Lewandowski. He added, “We have only had a few winters since HeatingSave was installed; but I was looking at our spend over the last few years and we were typically spending over £20,000 per annum on heating. In the following years, we averaged £23,000, and then after installing HeatingSave installation, our bill was down to £17,000 per annum”. This was a 26% saving, with the system having only been active for half of the winter.

“However, the first full winter with the HeatingSave Building Management System installed, our gas bill dropped down to £12,500 which means we saved around 45% on our heating and gas bills”.

When asked if AH Garner have ever had to call the HeatingSave Helpdesk, Mr. Lewandowski replied, “Yes, and they are very good”. He added, “During the installation period we often spoke to the Helpdesk. They are very switched on and have always resolved any issues we’ve had. I’m very pleased with the response we get back”.

What does Mr. Lewandowski like most about the HeatingSave system? “The fact we can see what’s going on in real time on our screens is amazing. Other systems have pretty graphics, but HeatingSave has real quantitative live data so that you can make decisions. Prior to installing the HeatingSave Building Management System, we had no control over who could turn the heating up, when it was on or the temperature it was set at. Now we have total control over our heating system”.

Would AH Garner recommend HeatingSave to other companies looking to reduce their heating costs? “Yes, I would!” was the immediate reply. “If the system is primarily responsible for reducing our heating and energy bills by 45% then we can’t ask for any more than that. In terms of value for money, I’m more than happy with it and wouldn’t want to be without it with the current energy crisis. It’s worth its weight in gold and with gas costs having more than trebled this year it will save us an absolute fortune this winter”, remarked Mr. Lewandowski.

Summing HeatingSave up in a few words, Mr. Lewandowski concluded, “HeatingSave gives us the ability to control our heating from a desktop computer where we can set parameters and monitor heating in real time”.

Customer information

AH Garner

Harrimans Ln,

Lenton Lane Industrial Estate,



Website: http://ahgarner.co.uk/

Tel: 0115 978 5161

Email: sales@ahgarner.co.uk

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