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17th Century Cambridgeshire Home Slashes Heating Costs with HeatingSave BEMS

Burleigh House

Situated in Cambridgeshire, this large, elegant, house was built in the 1780’s, with the oldest part of the house dating back to the late 17th century.

The homeowners, Mr. and Mrs. Knight began to look for ways to better manage their heating and reduce energy costs, which led them to discover HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS).

“As the house is quite large with 7 bedrooms, there are often areas of the house that aren’t occupied so it made sense to manage the heating more effectively to reduce heating costs and be more responsible with how we use energy”, Mr. Knight told the HeatingSave reporter.

Did Mr. Knight receive any training on how to use the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System? “The Mobile Heating App and the online heating system are fairly intuitive, so I never felt the need to receive training”, said Mr. Knight.

When asked if HeatingSave’s BEMS has saved Mr. and Mrs. Knight any money on their heating and energy bills, Mr. Knight said, “I think we are in a lucky situation where everyone else seems to have mounting energy bills and we’ve managed to maintain a pretty steady cost over the last 6 or 7 years because there are parts of the house that we don’t heat that we would otherwise have been heating. The HeatingSave system can adjust our heating to very specific needs. For example, my wife likes to have her office warm and she is now delighted with the fact that she can do so without having to heat the rest of the house”.

What does Mr. Knight like most about using the HeatingSave Mobile Heating App? “The ease of being able to control the heating from my mobile phone”, said Mr. Knight.

When asked if he has ever had to call the HeatingSave Helpdesk, Mr. Knight replied, “Yes. The HeatingSave Helpdesk is very good and very responsive”.

Are Mr. and Mrs. Knight considering extending their HeatingSave system at all? “We have everything we need for now”, replied Mr. Knight.

What does Mr. Knight like most about the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System? “The ease of which you can manage your heating according to your day-to-day living requirements”, he said to the HeatingSave reporter.

Would Mr. and Mrs. Knight recommend HeatingSave’s BEMS to other large homeowners looking to reduce heating and energy costs in their homes? “Yes I would definitely recommend HeatingSave for running a much more efficient and cost-effective heating system”.

In conclusion, we asked Mr. Knight to sum HeatingSave up in a few words, with which he replied, “Responsive, flexible, and easy-to-use”.

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