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North-London Church uses HeatingSave to Better-Manage their Heating

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Bush Hill Park United Reformed Church, based in Enfield, North-London, consists of the main church, a hall, and two other rooms that are rented out for a variety of different classes and activities.

The Enfield-based Church has a team of five volunteers, with two that are regularly involved with the day-to-day running of the Church. Martin Hamblin, who spoke to the HeatingSave reporter, is largely involved with the finance and technical side of the Church’s operations. In conjunction with the other volunteers, Mr. Hamblin recommended HeatingSave’s building energy management system as a solution to having remote control over the Church's heating and better manage their costs.

“We wanted to have remote control so that we could make sure that the heating is set and at the right levels from home as well as on the Church premises. We needed to have better control over different room temperatures. For example, we have dancing classes that don’t need the room as warm as a coffee group. Mr. Hamblin was also pleased to have a Room Booking system which is an integral part of the HeatingSave building energy management system. This has allowed the Church’s volunteers to quickly and easily book out rooms for classes and change room temperature set-points accordingly. “Being able to deal with recurring bookings in a more energy efficient way, rather than somebody having to go round and change the time clock. It also gives us the ability to quickly shut down the heating for things like the school half-term, so that we don’t waste energy”.

When asked whether he considered buying a building management system from any other companies, Mr. Hamblin’s response was, “We did consider a couple of other companies, but they were either completely way out of our price range or just didn’t offer what we’d hoped for”. He then told the HeatingSave reporter that he chose HeatingSave because of its “Flexibility, remote access and the room booking system”.

Mr. Hamblin then described how they received remote training on how to use the system, and that it “was good enough to get us started”. He added, “On the whole, HeatingSave is very easy to use”.

Explaining further their experience of the HeatingSave Helpdesk, Mr. Hamblin said, “Brilliant. We usually drop them a quick email and if anything needs to be done then we get a prompt response or schedule an appointment for when best suits”.

Mr. Hamblin added, “we are happy with what we have at the moment but one area we will look at in the future is integrating our system with electronic doors”, which is possible with HeatingSave’s Smart Card technology.

When asked whether he would recommend HeatingSave to other Churches or organisations, Mr. Hamblin said “In principle, yes, I would certainly recommend HeatingSave to other churches. The heating control side of the system is absolutely spot on”. Summing up HeatingSave in a few words, he concluded, “Simple-to-use heating controls for your building”.

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Bush Hill Park United Reformed Church

Bush Hill Park URC

25 Main Ave,



Email: office@bhpurc.org.uk


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