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London-based Library Installs HeatingSave Building Energy Management System

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Edgware Library, based in the London borough of Barnet, provides books, information and online services for the local community. Not only this, but the Library also acts as a meeting place and information centre for local people, providing them with a safe, quiet and well-equipped place to read and learn.

The London-based Library has 6 full-time members of staff as well as 4 weekend/evening assistants who help run and maintain the library, ensuring books and equipment is well-looked after.

Staff members at Edgware Library decided that a building energy management system (BEMS) was required to help better-run the building, making it more energy efficient, while simultaneously reducing their heating and energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Edgware Library Manager, Mr. Jon Killick, recently told the HeatingSave reporter that their main aims and objectives of installing a building energy management system was “to make the use of the heating within the library more efficient and more controllable with the hope of saving on fuels”.

The hardware and software installations at the library were described by Mr. Killick as “absolutely fine”. He added, “I’ve had no problems with them, they’ve worked very, very well”.

The Library Manager received a training session to get him up to speed with the building energy management system. He told the HeatingSave reporter that the quality of training was “good”. He then followed up by saying “I now feel confident using the system”.

HeatingSave’s BEMS is very user friendly and easy-to-use. Mr. Killick reiterated this point to the HeatingSave reporter when asked how easy he finds the system to use: “Very! As long as training is provided then it’s absolutely fine”. He added, “It is a standalone system that works very well”.

When asked whether he would recommend HeatingSave to other libraries and businesses looking to reduce heating and energy bills as well as reaching net-zero-carbon, he said, “Yes!”. Mr. Killick concluded that HeatingSave’s building energy management system is “a practical way of managing your heating in the 21st century”.

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Edgware Library

Hale Lane,




Telephone: 020 8359 2626

Email: edgware.library@barnet.gov.uk

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