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HeatingSave reduces heating costs in Wolverhampton


Mr Bradley lives in a period house set in its own grounds in Penn near Wolverhampton. As with many old houses, keeping the heating bill low is difficult. This is partly due to the size of the property and partly because of the materials used to construct the house. Mr Bradley had already taken practical measures to make the house, an old forge, energy efficient and was looking at a better way to manage the oil fired central heating system. After searching the internet he came across HeatingSave and organised for a HeatingSave Building Energy Management System to be installed in the same year.

HeatingSave is saving me hundreds of pounds a year” explained Mr Bradley to the HeatingSave reporter. Mr Bradley’s HeatingSave installation uses occupancy sensors to detect when people are at home. These automatically lower the room temperature when the house is empty and then automatically raise the room temperature when people arrive back. The system is also linked to a laptop PC so that Mr Bradley can view the heating graphs to make sure the system is programmed the way he wants it.

Asked what he liked most about HeatingSave, Mr Bradley gave the familiar response of “Saving money!”. but he then added, “Like many professional families we are often out, so its impossible to program a heating timeclock to suit our lifestyle. HeatingSave’s occupancy sensors overcome this problem brilliantly”. Mr Bradley is also pleased with the way the Heating Algorithm calculates the latest time to turn on the boiler each morning to get the house to the required temperature.

Summing up HeatingSave Mr Bradley said “I am not surprised that HeatingSave is recommended by the Carbon Trust, the Energy Savings Trust and London Green500. It’s a great product, and what’s more it’s designed and made in Britain” – and would Mr Bradley recommend HeatingSave to other home owners? “Most definitely yes!” was the reply.

The Old Forge, Penn, Wolverhampton

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